1 How can I open an individual account with GCCFX Financial Services Group?

Everyone can easily open an individual account with the GCCFX Group in just a few easy steps First click here to fill out your personal details Second, send a colour photo of the passport or national ID card with the proof of residence to Documents@GCC HOLDINGS LTD.

2 Can I have a Swap Free Account?

All accounts provided by GCCFX Group are commission free And Swap Free.

3 How long does it take to complete opening a real account?

Opening a real account requires only completing the process of recording personal data and sending the identification documents. These operations take only a few minutes.

4 Are there any fees to be paid when opening or closing the account?

There is no fee or commission that the customer must pay to activate or close the account.

5 What is the difference between a demo account and a real account?

The only difference between the real account and the demo account is that the demo account does not pose any risk to the capital.

Deposit (Account Funding)

1 Is it possible to deposit cash to fund the account?

No cash can be accepted in any way because it cannot be verified.

2 Do you accept bank checks as a way to fund your account?

No bank checks are currently accepted.

3 Can the account be financed in different currencies?

Yes, the Gulf Markets Group accepts the financing of accounts from different currencies as the deposit currency will be converted into the US Dollar at the exchange rate provided by the Central Bank.

4 Does the Gulf Markets Group accept third party deposits?

Gulf Markets Group does not accept third party filing.

5 How long does it take to deposit?

The time is related to the filing itself, since if the deposit is made through credit cards, the amount will be shown directly in Investment Account If it is made by international wire transfer it will take a maximum of 7 working days. We at Gulf Markets Group will enter the amount for the account at the same time as it is received.

6 Is the account financing process a secure credit card method?

Financing your account with a credit card is the best way to secure it Where it is done with 3D Secure system.


1 How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Simply login to your account on our website using your username and password when you open your account and then click on the funds and then fill out the required information.

2 How long does it take to withdraw from the account?

In general, the Gulf Markets Group will complete the transfer within one working day. However, it takes 3 to 5 working days to reach the customer's bank account.

3 Are there any fees or commissions for withdrawing funds?

There is no fee or commission to withdraw money from the balance.

4 Can funds be transferred to the bank account if they are deposited with a credit card?

If the funds are deposited with a credit card, the same amount will be transferred to the same card, and the profits will be transferred to the bank account.

If you have any questions or queries that have not been answered above, please contact the support section directly via Live Chat or by sending on support@GCC HOLDINGS LTD

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