Why Choose Us?

  • Banking transactions with international banks: - Banking transactions with GCCFX Group (deposit and withdrawal) With the largest and most important banks approved regionally and internationally.
  • Various Account Funding Methods: - GCCFX Group provides the possibility to funding accounts through International and domestic bank transfers as well as credit cards and electronic portfolios.
  • Specialized Customer Service: - GCCFX Group offers direct and multilingual support 24/7.
  • Various trading products: - GCCFX Group offers the possibility of trading on various commodities, currencies, indices and local and international stocks alike.
  • Pricing and Direct Execution: - GCCFX Group offers a leverage of up to 1: 800 in addition to competitive price differentials and direct and immediate execution of transactions without re-pricing.
  • Provide multiple trading opportunities: - The GCCFX Group allows all traders access to daily trading opportunities through the mobile application, allowing the trader to monitor his account and management at every moment.
  • High Value Licenses: - GCCFX Group has obtained many licenses approved by the most important regulatory bodies, allowing traders to trade securely (for additional information on licenses, please click here).
  • Separate bank accounts for customers: - There is a complete separation between customer accounts and company accounts.
  • Protection of deposits: - GCCFX Group protects deposits by the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) and the British Investors Compensation Fund (FSCS).
  • Account Protection and Risk Management System: - GCCFX Group provides advanced tools in managing the account through stop loss orders, profit taking orders, stop buying or selling, and many orders for absolute account control, risk reduction and market movements.
  • Professional Team: - GCCFX Group provides a first-class professional team and a leading team with extensive experience in the Forex world.
  • Licensed and regulated by various European regulatory bodies: - The GCCFX Group has been regulated and licensed by MiFID, which aims to improve transparency in financial transactions and provide the highest protection to customers.
  • Geographical Presence: GCCFX Group is located throughout the region to provide the best possible customer service.
  • Focus on Middle Eastern traders: - GCCFX Group understands, respects and appreciates all the customs and traditions of all its customers.
  • A wealth of information and educational content rich in Arabic: - GCCFX Group offers the largest content in Arabic language to all its customers from the region to serve the Arab trader.

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